Crystal Multitrade Handyman Services
Repairing the sub floor and the floor timbers (section 2, 25% of total floor area replaced)
Building and connecting the soakaway
The new conservatory roof
The finished article, inside and outside
Mrs Smith’s Borders! Continued....We installed a Gulley, a ‘Soak away’ and associated piping leading from the bottom of the downpipe, to take the water down through the raised patio into the lower level garden and away from the property. After removing rotten floor timbers from around half the room, and treating the damp problem with chemicals we started repairs to the floor and sub floor. While repairing the floorboards joists etc. we had a spell of really heavy rain, the soakaway worked a treat. But - the roof of the conservatory started to leak like a sieve. We then realised that although the lack of drainage was an issue the other culprit was the failure of the conservatory flashing and the fact that the wooden rafters on the conservatory roof had rotted  in quite a number of places letting rain enter the property. To add to this the gutter above the conservatory looked like the hanging gardens of Babylon and was distributing rainwater straight down the walls of the property. How do we clean that out? Scaffolding to span the conservatory, cost, 1K + of dead money. Why not re-roof the conservatory, it’s on its last legs, and once we’ve removed the old roof,  replace the guttering. That’s just what we did, we had to get a bespoke replacement roof manufactured, but the end result looks so much better and there is not one leak on the whole of the 6 metre wide conservatory.  We organised all of the work right down to fitting the carpets.